Why Seton Is Perfect For Your Child

"We have always been pleased with not only the
teaching and academic curriculum at Seton, but also of the high expectations
placed on students (A=93%+, a B=92%-84%. a C=83%) & individual attention
students receive. Students are expected to behave & be respectful of each
other, the classroom, & the property. They are expected to be personally
responsible for their belongings & their homework. There is a greater sense
of community at our school, particularly apparent in the Middle School, which
is true Middle School model with grades 6-8. Middle school students perform
numerous service projects which helps in their character development, & they
also interact as mentors to younger students in the school. They are typically
advanced to an accelerated curriculum. Seton provides intro to Spanish to all
classrooms with Spanish I completed in 7-8th grade (accelerating Seton students
for Spanish II in 9th grade). Students are encoura ged to be active in both
Physical Education classes & on the playground at recess. Seton supports
the arts, with classes offered weekly, along with music lessons for grades 4-8.
Overall Seton provides a great education and a wonderful school environment!"

-Submitted by a parent

For more information please visit our website at www.seton-school.com!

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